Tuesday, 15 June 2010

since leaving Spain... UK and now America!...

Life has been pretty manic over the last few weeks! I left Spain and headed back to the UK the day before my first race of the season, the TriGrandPrix half Ironman (the first race for this new series, held in Kent). I went into the race feeling pretty strong after my few months of training in the Spanish mountains. I felt it would simply give me a good idea of where I am at, which it did (apart from not knowing where I was at for part of the bike course and for the first time ever in my triathlon career managed to take a wrong turn on the bike course and add an extra 10-15 mins to my bike split!!! Arrrgh!!!) Aside from that though, I managed to keep my head together and just see what I could do on the run... a PB (1.28 even with a pee stop!!!) so at least I could be happy with that :-)

Unfortunately the run left me particularly tight in one hamstring and I've been suffering with this ever since. I was due to head out to Japan for the Ironman a few days after the race in Kent, but heard the news that the race had been cancelled! Dissapointed was a huge understatement, not only because I was all geared up for an Ironman but particularly for this one, I was so excited to be going back after last years experience. And for the race organisers too, knowing how much effort goes into the races! Maybe it will be on next year and i'll have a chance to go back, i have my fingers crossed for that!...

So anyway that threw me but as I was planning to do a few races in the States anyway, I decided to bring my trip forward and with some quick/last minute organising I managed to get an entry to Eagleman 70.3, the same date as the Ironman would have been. I figured this would be my best option and then at least after doing the 70.3 I could settle into some training in the area i'll be based for the next few months (near to New York). So with a flight to the States and some long distance driving, i'm in Cambridge, Maryland for the Eagleman 70.3... Unfortunately I didn't have a good day at the office at all! The tight hamstring issue bothered me along with a lot of general tightness/soreness in my glut's, hip flexors and hamstrings. I felt like I just had no power in my legs on the bike and subsequently didn't run well. It was a hard one to swallow, I don't think I've ever had to walk parts of a Half Ironman before! I finished it though and am now taking things a bit easy before settling into a good block of training before my next race in 4 weeks time. First priority though, to get my body back how it should be so I can perform to my best! I just wish I could look after myself as well as I can other people through sports massage!!!

I'm pretty sure I will really enjoy my next few months here... should have time to blog more too!!! :-)

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