Tuesday, 21 December 2010

INFINIT Nutrition news...

INFINIT Announces Nutrition Deal with Slipstream Sports
Custom Fuel Technology Meets Road Cycling

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December 16, 2010 – Cincinnati, Ohio – INFINIT Nutrition today announced that it will partner with Slipstream Sports and the 2011 Garmin-Cervelo team to create a line of custom-blended nutrition drinks made exclusively to team specifications and to match the nutritional demands of professional racing and the team’s upcoming 2011 grand tour schedule. Slipstream Sports is committed to ethical innovation and along those lines, its sport science group has already begun working directly with the boutique manufacturer – widely known and respected in the triathlon industry – to develop premium customized nutrition designed specifically for real-world training and race conditions.

“It has already been an exciting collaboration for us,” said INFINIT Nutrition President and Founder, Michael Folan, “our core sport, triathlon, has long been a hot-bed for the type of innovation and invention that inevitably works its way into road cycling. We had always anticipated that custom nutrition, designed and produced specifically for the sport or individual athlete, would make the same leap. Since we've had the chance to work with Slipstream on an informal basis over the last couple of years and the riders already love the product, we are very excited that the relationship has evolved.” Folan continued: “The advantage, of course, is that with our custom Osmo-Fit technology the athlete can fuel for hours and hours on liquid nutrition.”

The partnership – through which INFINIT will become the Official Drink Manufacturer of 2011 Team Garmin-Cervelo – will include a combined effort to design, formulate, and manufacture products as well as ensure strict compliance with the team’s clean racing ethic.

“We are constantly seeking like-minded partners that share our commitment to innovation and ethics,” said Jonathan Vaughters, CEO of Slipstream Sports, Inc. “When we looked at the quality of the product, the flexibility to adjust nutritional qualities, and the history of success INFINIT has seen in triathlon, endurance running, and mountain biking, we knew this would be a great fit. We have some of the best athletes in the world and we need to provide them with customized nutrition drink options. Our sport science group will work directly with INFINIT to develop the best possible product for our riders and to us, that is the beauty of this partnership.”

Background: INFINIT Nutrition Holdings, LLC – Founded in 2004, INFINIT Nutrition produces premium private-label and custom-blended sports nutrition and has active production facilities in Australia, Canada, Great Britian, Germany, and the United States. INFINIT's website (InfinitNutrition.com) and patent-pending Osmo-Fit Osmolality technology allow athletes to fully adjust calories per serving, electrolytes, flavor, and 5 other distinct nutritional properties to match nutritional and race-day environment requirements.

For further information and press inquiries about INFINIT, please visit InfinitNutrition.com or contact:

Laurie Walter
Press & Media Relations
+1 513 791-3500

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Positive steps forward...

I started my last blog with 'its been a long time since I last blogged!' and now I'm doing the same! About time for an update!...

Thankfully I'm now able to say I've come a long way in the last couple of months. I managed to get my head around having to put a line through this past season by focussing on the here and now and completely going back to basics with everything. Since returning home to the UK late September I hooked up with a remedial therapist who I've been working with ever since. He quickly reassured me that I didn't have a degenerative problem with my back and that my issues had all been related to having a leg length discrepancy. Its fairly common but when you are running/biking the kind of miles long distance athletes put in over a number of years, things can start adding up and causing problems! So the focus has been to loosen a lot of muscle tightness particularly on my longer leg side, strengthen the weaker muscles and finetune core work and (possibly temporarily) add a lift to the side that is shorter! So... no wonder I felt wonkey!!!

Training wise, I can happily say I have been careful and it seems to have been paying off. I've hit the pool hard and have been getting in way more swimming than normal, biking regularly although still going fairly easy on the mileage and I'm back running regularly too :-) I was a bit worried I'd have lost a lot from not running for atleast 8weeks in the end but I've surprised myself and haven't suffered too badly getting back into it. Maybe when I start more specific tempo type work I'll think again! but maybe the consistency over the last few years really is paying off.

Aside from training, its nice being back at home around family and friends. I've definately been kept busy and proved to have come in very handy with painting, decorating, tiling and even learning to plaster! I think the Ironman athlete's determination or maybe just my stubborness has helped with that. Plastering is not an easy one! Still plenty to keep me going until I head back out to the south of Spain in February to work with Andy and Tracy at Idlebreaks (www.idlebreaks.com). I know I'll be kept busy there too working with Andy to support the biking and working as the guests on site Sports Massage Therapist. Great job for me though and hopefully will set me up nicely for a succesful season of racing next year... Fancy some warm weather training in the south of Spain and living the life of luxury - not having to think about anything other than training, resting and enjoying the Spanish countryside and culture?... Check out Idlebreaks and see what you think...I can definately recommend it! Maybe see you there in a few months...