Saturday, 26 June 2010

nutrition, hydration, nutrition, hydration.....!

The last week has been really testing in terms of training in very hot and humid conditions. Its been up in the mid 30's with around 90% humididty most days. Over the last few years I have been fortunate to have had opporunities to spend good amounts of time training in hot conditions, so although it doesn't come easily for me to perform well in the heat, I've been adapting fairly well. I still really struggle with the humidity though and I often find its harder to recover from training, maybe because I lose my appetite a bit in these conditions! and as my coach David rightly keeps reminding me, just a few calorie deficit day to day really adds up and can make a big negative difference! Just have to force the calories down! My smoothies are working well though! (latest favourite... peanut butter, chocolate powder, banana, oats and milk! Ummm yummie!)

During training though, i'm getting the calories in really well. Since being over here, I've started to use infinitnutrition products ( and I'm really pleased to find that its working really well for me. I couldn't be testing it in much more testing conditions! I'm keeping on top of hydration well and am finding I'm able to take in more calories than I would have before. Thats a result!!! This week I've had a couple of long runs as well as a long brick at race pace and for each have felt better and better as the session has gone on - definately a result!!! So far I've just used their ride and run formula, but have ordered some customized formulas so can't wait to start using these. I know I've had a number of 'under-par performances' in the last few seasons and not getting my nutrition 100% right on the day has been largely to blame. I'm so much more confident now even with just the last week of using infinitnutrition that I can get my nutrition right in races... looking forward to Rhode Island 70.3 in a few weeks and IM Lake Placid shortly after...

Still working on loosening up my hips and gluts, stretching much more and really feeling the benefit :-)

Off for an ez ride now before another race pace day tomorrow :-) Happy days!!! :-)

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