Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Podium in Madrid! :-)

So now is time to update after racing a half IM distance race in Madrid a couple of days ago. Again another race backed up just 2 weeks after my last half but again I am happy with the way it all went, another ‘solid’ performance overal and, with a faster run again, giving me the fastest female run split and 8th overal with the men too I think!! :-) And... finally I can say I was on the podium!!! :-) To be up there, I did leave all of the work for the run as usual though and unfortunately a little too much to make 2nd place, another feeling of ‘what if the run had just been that bit longer!’ Or maybe more importantly ‘what can I do to help improve my swim and bike to be that much stronger so the gap is not so big!’ But thats surely what most athletes are asking themselves continuously – how can I improve...? but on the other hand I am confident with where I am at for now considering my last few months and really the last few years that has all had an impact in my current ability and importantly that I am settled at the moment to be not holding myself back! Also on reflection, my swim and bike, though they are not proving to be too special right now, atleast I must be efficient enough to be able to run well!

On reflection on the race itself, a great race to do and awesome experience racing on the ITU course, which by the 8th lap on the bike and 4th on the run - I knew pretty well!

So, some well needed recovery initially, some key sessions for the rest of this week and early next (with a focus on recovery too!) and then I’m off to race in Denmark – Challenge Aarhus half distance. Following that I think I’d best plan (or atleast listen to some very sound and trusted advice) to take a good few days to recover properly and let all of the racing fitness sink in before I focus on my first full IM for this year, Challenge Vichy...

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