Sunday, 2 May 2010

Momo Junior arrives! :-)

OK so I haven't blogged for a little while, I've been so excited about getting myself a new race bike... and my very own Felt AR4 has arrived! :-)

It maybe a bit crazy but hey thats me all over - I had already named my Felt (pride n joy number 2! my car was/is number 1 - picture below) before the bike arrived. So, I'm the proud owner of Momo Junior (named after my car, which is named after the steering wheel! - better than being named skippy like one of my cars after I reversed into a skip!!!) I've been avoiding skips and loose dogs and goats here in Spain and have had a great first week getting to know Momo Junior. I'm sure we are gonna have a lot of fun together! I just can't wait to race...

And there's a proud moment above, myself and Momo Junior pictured in front of the Idlebreaks logo painting I did for Andy last summer :-)

1 comment:

  1. Anne,

    "Momo Junior" looks to be a very nice bike! The AR4 is a road bike rather than a TT/tri bike, isn't it? I see you have it fitted out with aero bars... I imagine the road bike handles rather better climbing, descending and turning than the tri/TT versions.

    I hope the racing is going well.

    Ali "Wheelsucker"