Sunday, 4 April 2010

Thank you to Annapolis Bike Racing Team and your unofficial blog post!

The wheelsucker and some of his ABRT team mates returned to the Idle Breaks camp run by Andy Idle again this year. ABRT had only one session, with thirteen riders, two of who were "friends of ABRT" instead of actually members of the team. For those not familiar with Idle Breaks, the website is at: Andy runs the cycling training part while Tracy cooks amazing food, in amazing quantities, for very hungry cyclists.

Andy is incredibly good at what he does: As just one small example, when the group spreads out on the ride, Andy’s sixth sense tells him when he needs to be at the next intersection, to tell the lead rider or riders, which way to turn, and he gets there just before the lead rider or riders arrive at that intersection.

Andy normally works with another person when handling large groups. This year he had pro triathlete Anne Fallows: (a.k.a Lara Croft, Wonder Woman or The Energizer Bunny) on the bike, while Andy drove the van. One suspects Andy would like to take some time off driving and ride the bike occasionally, but apparently Anne was determined to ride the bike, not drive the van. It turns out Anne is rather good at riding the bike; most rides started with her on the front going at a good steady pace, and she was still pulling hours later with a bunch of ABRT "strong men" happy to wheelsuck behind her. One was left with the strong impression that Anne could have pulled all day. The ABRT roadies were saving their energy for the climbs though, and as soon as the road became "a bit grippy" the stronger ABRT riders would ramp it up and make it hurt. Andy knows this region very well and has scouted all sorts of routes, and has even found one that is flat for doing intervals on. Every other route is full of climbs and descents, so the wheelsucker and his team mates had plenty of climbing and descending. Anne had to leave before the ABRT camp was over, but Andy brought in a young local rider, Josh, to have a rider in the group.

'Thanks again and glad you had such a great week! I hope all is going well back at home and look forward to seeing you next year if not before!...
Anne :-)

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  1. Once I get the official photo album together on snapfish, I'll send you the link. You are in a few photos (all good ones)!